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Shirley, on every keyboard, there is a key called Insert. It changes the cursor’s behavior from “inserting” to “overwriting”. I just thought that it MIGHT be a possible cause. Your fear of spiders is shared. When I moved to my first apartment, the location had been unoccupied for a couple of weeks and the screen was partly ripped. This allowed a lot of spiders to come, uninvited and make themselves home there. I was LIVID when I first came in the apartment!

Monique, when you REMOVE a selection, it means you remove an area from the selected area. It needs to keep those marching ants so you know where the edges of the selected area are. That is what will allow you to add the text inside that confined area. To view more images side by side, you go to Window > Tabbed Documents and UNcheck it.

Euka, I guess spiders are a common “dislike” if not a fear!

Minka, that Box idea is great. I wish people now would more often consider this instead of throwing what they no longer need or want.

Corrie, thunderstorms so often scare kids, especially if the parents are also anxious or unable to explain what it was. I remember disliking the lightning part, but when I learned about counting the number of seconds between the light and the sound, I guess it gave me a focus and now, I actually enjoy watching the show from the living room large window. Is that photo you added a photo of yourself?

John (or Oupa), welcome to the Campus. I am glad to see you jump into this challenge, however late it is. I had never heard that name so it is very interesting to learn its meaning. Keep those stories coming!

Jnet, I guess in those days, it was very unusual for a father to admit such a mistake! Oh, la chasse à l’arbalète! ça demande de la force ça! As-tu déjà tué un orignal? Tu devrais venir au NB pour manger des fruits de mer directement du quai!

Ann S., I can just imagine kids being scared like that. My son was hiding behind the seats in the theater when we went to see Lion King!! Is Adam a cat you adopted?

Sandra, I am glad you enjoyed this process. We too often associate scrapbooking only with photos, while it should also be about the stories even without photos. If they are not documented somewhere, they will be lost forever, while photos MIGHT be passed on, but even then, a photo without a story is like a meal without any seasoning.

Gerry, sad to think that you felt “intimidated” but I guess it turned out ok, I hope. I kind of assumed that you had to look up the number of steps as I think it would be way too hard to keep count while fighting the fear and anxiety of heights!