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Ann A., did you end up impressing that person again after that wig incident?

Jean, check your emails. I think I have the solution for your issue. Lynda, thanks for helping Jean, but I think the issue is just a setting in her PSP that does not display the toolbar in the same way. Let’s see if that solves the issue.

Barbara, isn’t that interesting that in some families, they would purposefully repeat a name from a relative, while in others, it is totally the opposite? I think it is quite strange to have Squeak as a nickname! Oh, those Christmas catalogs!! Kids now won’t know the excitement of flipping all those pages! As for the Upgrade, it can be misleading. You get the upgrade PRICE, but it won’t affect your previous versions at all as it will still be the full version that will install completely separate from any other version.

Euka, I am not really sure which resizing setting is “best”. I tend to use the “smart” (hoping it really is smart) but I have seen the “bicubic” being suggested in some tutorials. Maybe I should do a comparison between those settings. Maybe there is a “best” setting based on the content of the page? I am not sure. I can imagine you playing that prank with the handbags. How old were you?

Shirley, at least, darts is not a sport that causes too many injuries! For the mention of the frame, if you happen to end up with one that is very close to your text, you can probably allow yourself to enlarge it as it won’t be a big resize and it won’t cause much distortion at all (even though I always say to NEVER enlarge).

Lynda, I heard of the Double Diamond Baseball a few years ago, where the diamond is doubled (each base has two bases) and players alternate in running clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time! HERE is a page with the rules. For the upgrade, you can “import” content from the last three versions. Basically, what it means is that it will (or should) just add the default supplies folders in the File Location of the current version. I did try it and it didn’t work as it still created empty default folders. Not a big deal, as you can also do the same thing through File > Import > Content from previous versions.

Bonnie, isn’t that interesting how that barbeque meant so much to you, while it was “ordinary” for everyone else?

Minka, where do you live? Where I am, lobster is also very common. We even used to have one day of the year where you could get a lobster meal at the hospital cafeteria! Basically, you could walk, from the hospital to the wharf to buy fresh lobster!

Art, if you consider your area as having a lot of snow, you should come north! 🙂 I remember one winter I went to Toronto for Christmas, and we woke up after a snowstorm overnight. My husband proceeded to shovel to help our hosts, but by noon, most of the snow had melted anyways!

Gerry, did you look in the PixelScrappers site for alphas? They seem to have a lot and you can search by color too.

Ann S., I actually like the layout with the little eyes. I think they definitely emphasize the feeling of the “You did what?”