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Barbara, it is ok if we cannot read the resized version. You can always copy and paste the text in the post for us to read it. The important thing is that it is legible for YOU, in the full-size format, if you choose to print it or display it otherwise. I think only the admin can delete posts.

Shirley, maybe you could make a selection slightly inside the frame you will use so the text is not so close to the edge that we wonder if we are missing something under that frame ­čÖé

Sandra, never underestimate the swing of a girl passionate about baseball!

Jnet, je me souviens aussi du temps o├╣┬á les mo├»ses ├ętaient populaires. Il me semble en avoir eu un quand j’├ętais petite.

Paula, glad to see you join and post. I guess in those days, dad’s were often absent at the birth of their children as it was considered “not really a man’s place”. He got a nice present for Christmas though!

Minka, that story is perfect. The idea of those prompts are to trigger SOME memories and stories loosely related to the theme, and this is definitely related to sports anyways!

Corrie, it is a good thing that the water was not deeper than that. Can you imagine what could have happened if it were!? As for sports, I think it is still an interesting fact that you didn’t like sports! Why not share that!?

Gerry, that is a funny story, at least, now! I am sure it was embarrassing at the time. I am glad this prompt brought back that story to you. It is those tiny anecdotes that make so many family gatherings so interesting!

Cindy, did you play with the Leading setting to make the lines closer together? It sure works for adding more text into the same space instead of making it smaller! Good job.

Lynda, were there players on opposite areas of the “double field”? So two pitches and two hitters almost at the same time?

Jean, Lynda has great explanation. The Freehand selection tool is what we often call the Lasso tool.