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cindy harris
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woot woot  I m so happy only took me 6 hours but Now I am so happy.  I learned a lot of stuff.   I never knew how to do and it was FUN.  Even our Teacher helped me get past a 3 hour hurdle, I finally asked for help and she was Right there.    Yippppeee     Hi All,    Well I did peak here no lessons were turned in, I was going to be the first haahhaha  that didn’t work out but hope I am not the last.  lol  Even if  I Am the Last I am happy.   I learned things and it was fun to do something I never did.   I did it.. yaaaaay.

The picture is of the Presidio and my father and my mother shes in the picture above his head.   The other pictures are just pretty women.

I love tubes the most, I will probably love scripts more once I get the hang of them.


Does anyone know if you upgrade, do you have to delete the current one?   Do you loose the tubes and things you have in there already or does it just upgrade the paintshop program only?     To scared to d/l it and all my stuff be gone  to try the free trial on it.  ???


DANG IT….  just seen the mistake.  father said, he would walk out of there without it.   not walk out with it.   Dang it.   I finally figured out once I was grown,  why I never had to learn anything in school, well except Texas schools.  They are the reason I can read and write.  They dont quit on a kid.  And 2 teachers out of them all afterwards Mr. Pipkins, and Ms. Moak they wanted nothing to do with my parents but they made sure I learned with them.