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I know it is a challenge as you will have only one day for each page, but that is why the quick-pages and the templates are there. However, you can take a bit longer to post your projects if needed. There is NO deadline.

Sandra, it is fun to read your story. Your layout is simple and that is perfect to showcase the story itself.

Lynda, is that a photo of you? It is great that you have such a photo. Are people writing your name with an “i” often if you don’t specify it is with a “y”?

Minka, you can add the text of your post as another page!!!

Ann, the text on the image seems hard to read in the forum but I suspect it reads very well on a full-size page, right? But don’t worry about the reading in the forum. Fancier fonts are just harder to read when it is small, but if you ever print your page, it will be larger and easily legible. And don’t compare yourself with others: we all started at square one!

Keep them coming. We all love to learn more about our fellow members.