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Sorry Carole,

I would have written about the options before, but I was in a hurry suddenly, I had to go to work …and I was playing around with PSP before going… LOL

First of all  I used 1000×1000 px, for another test 2000×2000 px, for the last one 3600×3600 px (upload here). No difference. Most of the time the same effect. Only 1 of 5 tests was successful.

Fonts for ex. Bauhaus 93, 100, Century Gothic, 128, Hobo, 128, thickness of outlines, the first was 4 (test 1) then 2, one time in order, another randomly, never irregular outline.

I thought initially the issue is using characters with figures together. But now here the uploaded image proves the contrary, this time created with PSP 2018, it should have been “Nathan” and I only get Nat and these errors.