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Susie Grant
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That is so precious. I am still trying to get use to this new version psp. I still liked version 9 better than any of the others. I  still seem to be having problems but will just take time to learn all the differences.  i just started the Basic Scrap class and already learned to set up my work space in this version. I has a real mess up until now and it seems when I get started on the vector text my program starts to slow way down and it eventually just hangs up and I lose the entire project. That has happened three times already. I am using win 10, 64 bit but computer is only one year old so it should have the resources to run this program. Also I purchased online instead of the disk and I did not get any extras at all. There is nothing in any of the folders plugins, scripts nothing. I get aggravated without all the filters I had  on my old computer. Any way have fun and maybe we will learn together.

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