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Brad Jones
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Whew! Pant, pant. I am uploading the last one and didn’t do a couple of the things you suggested and probably screwed up or found another “creative” way to do them. A million thanks for all this and might do this all over, again, but this really cut into my sleep time, especially since my son or one of my friends would call and want to talk 4 hours. I learned many things about just doing the most basic things and what I learned about layers will keep me busy for a long time. Still confused when it comes to text on vector or raster layers for text and certain actions to take with text. Text color is still hit or miss and often jumps back to the prior settings and colors. You definitely got me started and I am grateful for all that.
Information about the picture. It was one of the zombie movies I was in and while waiting in the tent between scenes, we were all fooling around and made a zombie last dinner. That might explain the hanging rope. I was out of crosses. I haven’t been in church much since my preacher threw me out of the church when I was in high school. Some of my other pics in other projects were on other movie sets.
BTW, I just clicked on one of my pspimage files and PSP opened up, but complained it couldn’t open the file. I have opened them from inside the PSP program, but not this particular one.