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Ben Vienerius
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Congratulations to the prize winners. I hope you get addicted as I am. When I started in 2002 with PSP and Jasq I followed some lessons to get the in and outs. A nice thing I found was that a mistake always could be wiped out by the back button. Although many programs came and are gone, PSP kept its feet on the market. I try to take the newest version each time for that little extra. The time is coming for me where the expositions come and nice to know is that you can make a flyer with PSP in a professional way. When people send me their work to show, I resize their work to 15x10cm and go in PSP to Edit>Copy special>Copy for special printingwork and save it as PNG file. Try it yourself if you print your scrapbook work to a cart.  It was fun to see what you made out of nothing and gave your own twist using the expertise of Carole. I am not gone and will going to come inside and look what new bootcampers are able to.

Thank you for having me around,