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sandra jones
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Carole:  Thank you so much for all the work you put in to give us Boot Camp.  I have learned so many things and have enjoyed myself immensely.  I think every one has pretty much listed the things I have learned and there has been many but my favorite would have to be the text with the selection.  What a cool thing to learn! No more struggling to resize text and put text where I want it to go.    I still have lots to learn on fixing photos, colors to use and how to arrange my layout.  Some days I have a real hard time with it but this course has definitely made it easier.

To every one else:  The layouts that I have seen are just gorgeous.   Great job every one!

Here is my Boot camp #11 or project # 5.  I struggled for some reason with my title and text connecting so I couldn’t put a drop shadow without it going on the text also.  It gave me a run time error and shut my program down after that I had to restart my project which was a pain.  Taught me the hard way to save my project a couple of times while creating it.