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simon kidd
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Sadly my PC completely misbehaved on me this evening (a windows update started …)
I was going so well, but my PSP completely locked up and I couldn’t save anything – file menu broken. Although I thought I had saved 2 previous versions, they seem to have vanished and no temporary file on reloading eitherĀ  either). The best I could manage was a screen grab at the last minute – so here it is.

I got the pattern for the text and played with the word wrap and tilted the pictures. The frame I used seemed to have a bit of a bevel on it already and so adding more bevel didnt change it much. I found a free star themed kit on ‘scrapvine’ called all the stars

I had just added the wrapping text and was about to add some details and some shadows.
This was a special present as a kit of lots of bits for a special (Im not telling) birthday.

Replying to myself here – I have got to exactly the same point 6 times now and both PSP2019 and PSP2020 crash on me. If I add a vector layer at the stop of the stack of raster layers and put some text in that is using a pattern from another picture and then add another vector layer and then try to save (with or without text), the file menu does not respond.


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