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Frances, I love that story of your cats. That is the kind of story that is definitely worth adding to pages, otherwise, it just looks like a “cute” photo, nothing else.

Cindy, I guess that scuba diving will wait a year (hopefully). And no, there won’t be a discount for the DIAMOND membership, because the next step after the Bootcamp is actually the Basic Scrap Course.

Kathy, I like the way you changed the direction of the title. It is great customization and it suits your layout perfectly.

Fay, those colors in the title are subtle but are matching the rest of the elements you used. It gives a very cohesive look.

Robert, if you set the Fill tool Match mode to None, it will fill all the selections at once. Also, thank you for your kind words about this Bootcamp.

Ann H., you should be getting all the emails anyways, so you might have time to catch up. You will see that, even if you are not a scrapbooker, these projects will get you to discover and/or practice different tools, commands and techniques.

Sandra, you did a great job to lighten the photos. The difference is obvious. The black and white photos are well enhanced by the subtle colors of the rest of the page.

Monique, send me a screenshot (by email) of what you get when you are expecting the cursor to change. I might see a detail or a setting that can be causing issues.

Ann S., it is quite ok to copy the layout I do in the tutorial. It is always like a recipe: the first time, you might follow it to the letter, only to personalize it later.

Bill, that concept of layers is soooo essential to work with PSP. I am always thrilled when I see PSP users have an “aha” moment when they get that concept. It seems like everything else suddenly makes sense. In the past, we have had Card making challenges around October. Maybe we’ll have another one this year.

Lynn, is the text easier to read in the full-size layout? It might just be due to the resizing that it is currently hard to read.

Cathy, that is a fun tweak you did on that last project. Whatever shape you used, you practiced the technique, and that is the whole goal of those tutorials.

Another email is coming your way tomorrow. Check your inboxes.