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Cathy, it is fun to see that you used different colors for the letters but unlike my example, you only used the first letter. That is a great interpretation while still using the technique.

Allen, a lot of baseballs there! Do you think that “logically” the balls should be under a ribbon and photos? Since they would only touch the corners of the photos, I think they would look good on top of them. I see that your shadows are toward the top right. They are consistent together, but I am curious if you have a particular reason for choosing the other direction?

Simon, sometimes, a tiny detail can elude us. After all, there are so many settings for each command and tool! Good job for not giving up.

Ann, you got the Clip to it script, which will clip a photo to the shape below. That works when you use a template, not a quick-page. When you have a quick-page, you actually want to do the opposite. When you have a quick page, just open the photo, copy and paste it on the quick-page image and move it below in the Layers palette.

Fay, what you did (instead of a shadow) is definitely another way to actually do a shadow. I think that if you were to add a blur and then, as needed, tweak with the Opacity of the layer, you can make the text more legible. You really don’t want the white to be obvious, but just to make a distinction between that busy paper and the text. There is an article on ways to add text to an image. Some tips would apply to papers too.

Monique, thank you for letting me know about the kit. Strangely, it was valid just before the start of the Bootcamp as I checked all the links. I found a different kit that I have posted now.

Brad, you just need to breathe now! Yes, sometimes, trying to go too fast, one might miss a detail which makes everything go wonky in the end. I did get your link and do you know that you can edit and trim the video in Loom? You can do that OR let me know where to observe whatever was misbehaving. I would like to look at the correct thing!

Ben, I am glad to hear that you found an enjoyable activity in this Bootcamp, and mostly, that you will continue to learn and share with us!

Henry, sorry to hear about your wife being a widow during this Bootcamp, but happy you are with us! Maybe she will find your new hobby more interesting when she sees all the projects you do, and maybe, if you make a few layouts just about her! Many people create albums for their loved ones (we have a challenge in February called Love Story so stick around until next year!). If i could offer a suggestion on your last layout would be to maybe place those shapes UNDER the frame. I think they will fall off!

Sandra, CBJ is Created by Jill. What are the settings you are using for your shadows? They don’t seem to be the same in your different projects. The guides will often make your works simpler when you want things even or lined up. The photos of your brother can probably use some brightness adjustments. Here is a quick way: go to Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Levels and from there, move the right node (it is white) toward the center until you find the photo looks to your liking.

Bill, I am glad to hear that you are enjoying scrapbooking. I find that is one very “productive” way to use PSP. It gets you to be creative, and also, at our age, a great way to document and share memories and stories. As for shrinking the project, yes, it SEEMS to get the text to disappear. That is due to the Text wrapping feature: it is enclosed inside the selection, and the selection itself does not resize. So, there are two ways to solve the problem: (1) to duplicate the text layer and rasterize that copy or (2) resize the jpg version of the full-size page.