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Brad Jones
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I guess I was feeling cocky about getting the last episode done relatively easily, so this one gave me a good kick in the pants.

I have no idea how many times I started over completely as by the time I would save a step, errors had crept in, but I think I did learn quite a few techniques.   As our first three shot,  I managed a lot of problem solving, as in how to get around all of my errors that PSP had it’s own ideas about.  One cute thing I learned was how to do point to point to encircle the images and saving that to flood.  There are a whole pile of other things, but my mind is so numb, now, I can’t think of a thing.

It seems every time I get desperate  and try making a loom video to show the steps to crash, Loom gets to be an issue and doesn’t work right until the first time I manage to get thru the project (more or less).  I could publish the link to my latest in here, but since it is an hour and 41 minutes long, I will send it separately and let you trash it.