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Cathy Anderson
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Hi All – Cassel thank you for all the positive feedback.

Here is today’s project which are some king protea flowers from our garden.  I used some elements from Laras Digital World (Inner Peace), Ilonka (Hanami and One Fine Day) and Xuxper (Purity).  After a few practices managed to get the eraser to work to create the zig-zag edge.

Yesterday I asked Cassel “is it possible to change the colour of the border selection on a photograph after you have flood filled and then deselected?”  I said I would post the question here for anyone with the same query and this was her response:

As for changing the color on the edge of a photo, yes, it can be done. Depending on the situation, you could use different approaches.

–         If the photo is square/rectangular and straight, you can select the whole image with the selection tool by drawing a rectangle around it, then holding the Ctrl key, you can select the part of the photo itself, which will leave you the selection of that frame around. Then, you can fill that area with a different color.

–         If the photo is square/rectangular but it is not straight, you can use a similar method but using the Freehand selection tool set to Point to point and selecting from corner to corner for your photo

–         Another method that MIGHT work in all situations, depending on the colors of the photo, is to use the Magic Wand, set to RGB Mode and Contiguous checked. Select the border and as long as there is no identical color touching the border, it should give you a selection for that border that you can then fill with a different color.

So, maybe you can try one of those methods.