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Frances Couzens
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Day 9 Project #4

I had some challenges working on this – not because of the project, but because of weird things happening with PSP. I’m running version 2020. In the case of selecting the the edge, using Opacity, I did exactly the same thing as in the video, but it would not treat the selection as one area. I tried multiple times. I found 2 things that proved satisfactory alternate solutions: 1) if I selected the outside, rather than the inside of the photo 2) instead of Opacity with 0 tolerance, I used All Opaque for match mode. The latter option seemed to work perfectly.

The other issue I had, I can’t explain at all.  All of a sudden, I couldn’t select layers. I couldn’t see my layers pallete,  and nothing was acting or appearing properly. I ended up closing PSP then restarting…no change. Then I rebooted and restarted PSP…no change. So I reset all my preferences to default and everything functioned properly after that. (I then went and re-updated my preferences and it all seems ok since.)

All of the troubles were yesterday and I decided to stop working on it last night. I finished it today. I like what I learned. I like adding the border to the photos, rather than having to create a new layer for each paper matte. I like the fun lettering possibilities also.

My digital kits is Dahlia (April 2016) from Club Scrap.