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Susan (with a photo), I hope you will enjoy all those homework and feel more comfortable in doing scrapbook projects.

Cathy, those are such fun photos to showcase. I am glad you are having fun with those balloons!

Ben, thank you for those instructions. I will go ahead and check that out. I have never printed cards, but since we do have card-makers in the group, it can definitely be useful!

Susan (with no picture), if you see posts disappearing, drop me a message. I have seen some post flagged as spam (including my own), but I don’t get notifications when it happens. But if you let me know, I can check them and un-spam them as needed. I checked, and don’t see any in the backend right now. It must be gremlins! For your first project, yes, it will surely count, but can you check if you added shadows? It will add some 3D effect. I forwarded you the “missing” days. Check your emails again.