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Bill, I forgot to answer your two questions. The story behind my using the name “Cassel” has to do with the fact that when we first had emails at work, they were creating them based on our initial (C for Carole) and our surname (Asselin), which made “casselin”. When I started doing PSP online, I was looking for a “signature” that was less ordinary than Carole, so I thought of that, but it seemed too long. I dropped the “in” so it became “Cassel”. Little did I know that it was an actual surname, in real life! Also, when I first started using much of the internet (in early 2000), it was in a context where anonymity was important, so instead of using my real name, I used Cassel. Over time, that stuck. When I joined scrapbooking forums, I used that as my username, and I have kept it.

As for the book, yes, the printed book has pretty much the same tips and tricks as the previous Kindle format. The differences are in the images (there are more) and the organization of the tips in categories plus an index (you can actually get the index on this page, if you want).