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Ben Vienerius
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As you said Cassel: “Also I still find some new things inside PSP”

One thing is for sure. Exploring PSP all these year did find me the outlining tool. Never had used it before. So I am glad to follow these scrapbook lessons.

For those who like to print their work or even print a photo. Open you project on Paint shop Pro and place your picture in a background that is 3:4 or 600×800. Go to EDIT> choose copy special> copy for professional printwork > save. After that you can klick right on the picture or photo and choose print. If you want to make a own cart standing up, take the second option. To get it right on your cart, turn your picture upside down, or 180 degrees. Don’t forget to put it upside down! That is because if you are printing the foto it would come on the backside. You have selected your printing paper? Go and print your cart for a birthday or any fest or photo.¬† For those who want to print also the inside cart, there is double sided photoprinter paper. In this case, dry the paper a day. Make a white sheet that is the same size as your picture. When printing in the second option, first choose the white sheet you made and in the second window your text, photo¬† or wishes (in this case DON’T turn the page 180 degrees) This way you can print your lessons done here on a cart. Hope I made a understandable way for you, to use your projects here to make your personal cart.