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Bill, if you have a glitter tile and the colors don’t match, you can always colorize it to something else. You can use the Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize and there, you can change the color. This will work well for monochrome tiles.

Cathy, your birds are adding a lot of character to your project for Whakatane.

Simon, did you manage to change the keyboard shortcuts as you wanted? Your sunset layout is fantastic. Using a sequence of photos gives the whole page a great feel!

Monique, resizing for the forum can be a bit picky: one thing is that IF you are using the Text wrapping feature (in X8 and up), the resizing will make the text apparently “disappear”. The reason is that the selection is kept in the memory of the image, and that is not resizing, so the text stays in that area which might end up outside of the resized image. For that reason, it is a good idea to have a rasterized copy of the text that is wrapped. That way, it will resize normally. The other way is to save in jpg first (full-size) and then resize that one. Both methods have some small inconvenience, but at least, if you keep the .pspimage version, you can always resave in a different way if needed.

Allen, I see that you used the glitter tile for your Oktoberfest layout. Did you use the tile as a fill pattern? It seems that you resized it afterward, giving it that stretched look. If you use it as a fill pattern from the Materials palette, it will be seamless so it should cover the whole area you selected. On your text, I see you added some shadows. This makes it much harder to read. Try to envision a paper version of your page: would text have some thickness? If so, then a shadow should be added. If the text is meant to be written in ink, then no shadow is needed. Out of curiosity, are those beer mugs THAT tall??

Ann, quick-pages are meant to be “un-editable” as the designers expect you to make it quickly. I have only rarely seen quick-pages with moveable pieces. Very rarely. If you search for clipart or elements, make sure you download the png version. Sometimes, the jpg version is just the preview. If you see the checkerboard, it probably was meant to be the preview only.

Henry, glad you are having fun. It is also a good idea to tell those stories when things are not only going perfectly, those misses, and make them just parts of life to remember and smile at later.