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simon kidd
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Thank you for the tip about shortcuts – I would never have found that menu there.
Day 5 – multiple photos. No glitter, but I found some wood and got completely lost (in a good way) around the links for papers and various things.

This time I ‘cropped’ the images  when they were already in the layers behind the frames as I wasn’t sure how much of the photo I needed ->by selecting the bit of photo I wanted as a rectangle, inverting the selection and then delete (the extra I didn’t need).

I had another photo I had that was just some dry spinefex grass so I added that as part of the background since it looked a bit bland on its own.

Then I merged the photo with the frame to reduce the number of layers and so the drop shadow didnt drop from the frame onto the photo.

At the end I had a  bit of a hiccup when resizing as I did not have the ‘resize all layers’ checked. I chose to flatten it after first saving the layered PSP and then resize & save the .jpg after that.



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