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Fay Burnett
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Clarification of “Copy-Paste”  …

Carole, about 16 or 17 minutes into the video (you had just finished adding the title FRIENDSHIP) you said “… with the Text tool active …” and added a new raster layer to the layer palette then copied the quote/poem attributed to Albert Camus from Notepad.  You then returned to PSP and pasted the poem into more or less the area where you wanted the poem to be.  You then were able to edit the text to your satisfaction.  I’m not sure about the reason for adding a new raster layer prior to doing the copy-paste as I assume anything added to the layout using the Text tool would create its own vector layer.  Anyway, you must have a good reason so I’ll check it out.  I REALLY like this and it will be a process I’ll use frequently.  Thank you!