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Cathy, glad the second download worked. Yes, I think we might have a few resident gremlins in the Campus ;). as for the copyrights, if you give credit AND you are not using something for commercial purposes (making money), it is alright. Your use of the shadow on the yellow flowers is creative. Typically, what is meant to be a brush imprint would not have any thickness, therefore, no shadow, but when you give it a different meaning and choose the shadows accordingly, the effect can be special, as in your layout. Good thinking.

Brad, nice to see you 🙂

Ann, when you export as a PNG, there is one setting you have to adjust (only once). Under the Transparency tab, choose Alpha Transparency Channel, and at the bottom, choose Existing Image or Layer Transparency. After that, it will be set for you. As for the shorcut, did you mean Ctrl-Y? Ctrl-L would be to paste as a new layer.

Simon, the shadows make those words really stand out!

Fay, I am not sure what you are referring to when you mention “copy and paste” procedure you used within the engaged Text tool”. Can you clarify?

Monique, it is clear that finding the best suitable supplies can be one of the longest tasks in scrapbooking! Renaming the layers is a good idea. I tend not to do it but mostly because I am lazy. Typically, text would not have a shadow, but what you did was to use the shadow command and used it to emphasize the text, which is excellent. To answer your question, you would get the same blurriness on a paper. The actual question you need to ask yourself is whether that distortion is noticeable and acceptable. If you say yes, then go ahead. My guess is that the details on a paper are probably less important than on a photo.

Robert, the process to convert an ABR brush to a PSP one using abrMate might be unnecessary for you. Did you know that since version X5, you can just import them as is in PSP? Simply go to File > Import > Custom Brush and from there, navigate to the ABR brushes you have, select them, and import. No need to go through the long way. I kind of assumed that some participants would not be the glitter-kinds. I still have them there to show how an image can be used as a pattern to fill as some times, we don’t have (or need) the pattern to be saved, and we just want to use something from the workspace.

Lynn, nice and colorful layout. I see you used the glitters?

Allen, you visited Cavendish? I went there too, but a long time ago (summer of 1997).

Ben, beautiful photos! Did you add a shadow to the text just above the photos? I think it might make the text a bit harder to read unless it is just due to the resizing (which is possible). Although sometimes, a “shadow” is useful in helping with the legibility, sometimes, it has the opposite effect.

Frances, awe… more kitties! Glad to hear that you learned some useful tips in this lesson.