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Cassel – my sharing what I do is the trainer in me.  Before retiring, I trained people (engineers, sales, etc) in motor and automation control.  When teaching software, I always encourage people to ‘play’ with software.  That’s even more so with graphic and art programs (and even when I taught PowerPoint).  As I told my students: “If what you do  doesn’t work…there’s always CTL-Z.)   Let me know if I go too far with sharing.

Good catch (or bad throw on my part?) on the picture shadow.  Here’s re-post of image with the shadow.  As part of my work flow I add effects affecting multiple layers as a last set of steps.  I must have missed the layer with the photo.

As a tip for others, if you add a shadow to an element and then rotate that element, the shadow also rotates and doesn’t match the other shadows.  That’s why I do things like shadows and other effects to layers as a group of steps so they all look the same.

As for conversion: ABR format.  Many times I just need one (or two) PNG files from a brush set to import into PowerPoint, PSP, DAZ Studio, etc.  I came up with my process years ago (long before finding your tutorial – which covers the same process I use).  You got me curious, so I googled the software.   I see abrMate has been updated.  I’ll look to see what’s improved.   I think it is a nice conversion utility.

BTW, thanks for the shout out on your blog.