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I have been very busy searching suitable backgrounds and embellishment for my London picture. It took me several hours……..

But finally my picture is ready:)

I’ve started renaming my layers, sometimes I can’t see what the picture is on the layer I am working on.

Had a bit of a difficulty how to give shadow to my text, but in the end it worked, but don’t remember exactly how I did it. Keep practicing I guess.

This picture I took when I was on a 4 day trip with my youngest son, trip given to me by my family for my 5oth birthday. It was very special to do this with my him, quality time. 🙂



Question I forget to ask in my  post:

Upsizing pictures I can understand why it’s not clever to do, but how is that with background papers? Especially when they have patterns and no symbols or something on them? 🙂

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