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Cathy Anderson
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Hello All

I have completed a couple of pages but firstly:

1. Carole – I have successfully downloaded the zip file and redone my sandwich.  Not sure what happened but maybe the same gremlins as you are having problems with – :0

2. For practise I have made another sunset with a totally different colour scheme.  The heading font was Bodoni MT Black and the poem was Blackadder ITC.  The poem was found on the internet and I acknowledged the author’s copyright (is this allowed for personal use?).  Elements were from Lara’s Digital World (Inner Peace).

3. Project 3 for Day 5 completed.  I used elements from Connie Prince (Memories).   The heading was Bodoni MT Black and the journaling font was Script MT Bold.  I did not add shadows to the gold flowers at the bottom of the page as I thought they looked like stamped images.  The top left image was a cluster and the shadows did not work as well with that.

I would like to add how much I am enjoying the course and how helpful it is reading the answers to other people’s queries eg about Autosave which I was also finding a little annoying as everything stops while it saves.  Now I have a solution – 🙂

Looking forward to Project 4.