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I swear, we have gremlins in the Campus as my long feedback post seems to have disappeared, so let’s do that again.

Bill, I see you are using a template. Did you know that those shapes like the flower below and the circle on top are meant to be only placeholders to suggest where to place your own decorative elements? Since you are getting more comfortable with manipulating the elements and layers, it is time to add your own! If you want a printed set of shortcuts, check out the freebie on this post.

Frances, don’t worry about being behind. You will have time to catch up. Your scattered gems are lovely. May I ask if they come with integrated shadows or if you did add them yourself? I can see that the shadows are toward the top right for a series of gems, so if the shadows were integrated, you need to make sure not to flip them. If you added the shadows yourself, you need to do the flip before adding them to avoid that inconsistency. I have a little soft spot for kittens, so I LOVE your Happy Lap layout!

Allen, doesn’t it make a difference with the shadows?

Brad, glad to hear that your brain didn’t explode. We would miss you 🙂  I like your sense of humour! If I could offer a tiny suggestion it would be to check the layering of your elements. The leaf designs look like a brush imprint, and it would likely not be layered on top of the rope or on top of the confetti. A small detail only. Practice will help you remember all those tools and techniques. The Adventure in nursing could certainly benefit from the story you put in the post. What if someone looks at your page and does not have the background story? It is important!

Simon, you can also post the quick pages in the other showcase thread of “what are you working on?” Other participants are browsing that thread too. Your sandwich looks good. What do you put in your coffee? Your first project is great.

Susan, it might be hard to make this sandwich simply because it is your first digital sandwich. I bet if you made 10 more sandwiches, you would surely become faster.

Lynn, nice layering. I also find that the tiny overlap of the tail gives a little interesting detail to find.

Ben, the overlapping of the bird gives an interesting and dynamic effect to your page. The shadowing of the elements really give that 3D effect.

Cindy, I am glad you are getting more and more comfortable. As mentioned to Brad, it is all about practice, right?

Margaret, it is ok if you don’t follow to the letter. The reasons I SUGGEST to follow somewhat closely are (1) so the techniques can be practiced, but if they are, while the paper is somewhere else, it is fine, and (2) when I keep track of the projects posted, for the random draw at the end, it is easier for me to know which projects were actually completed. As for your first project, I think that they are a bit large for what we are used to, but they do work very well together as they just give the impression of thick cardboard. This means that the settings work well together!

Henry, I agree with Fay that the story can benefit being added to the page. Scrapbooking is not just about the photos, but mostly about the story, whether it is told by the photo or added to it.

Ann, that is a lovely photo of your great-granddaughter. You mention saving in .psd format to keep the transparency. Did you know that the .png format would also do that? That is the typical format used for single-layer elements with some transparency.

Robert, you are really exploring your PSP and that is great. I am sure everyone here also appreciates it when you explain what you dit. It is always inspiring others to try or check more options. You said you converted the brush to PSP. Without going into details, what format was it initially? You played with the shadows but it looks like the photo is missing it.