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Greetings all,

I have flowers and other photos from the same San Francisco trip as my ship images.  This is resized and cropped for the project.  No changes to the image.  The depth of field was done in camera.

I went with simple rectangles as the design elements.  I added noise to the rectangles to give it that cloth-like look and, of course, drop shadows.  (I never do things the easy way…like use a kit.  But adding noise is not too difficult.)

And, yes, I added a triangle using the Symmetric Shape in the Rectangle Tool fly out over top of the flower.  Using the pick tool I rotated and resized the shape.  I then reduced the layer’s opacity to around 30 percent to give a hint of the shape and relate to the flower.  No noise added to this element.

The line drawing comes from one of Ron Deviney’s brushes that I converted for use in PSP.  (Too technical to discuss as a Boot Camp topic.  But PSP has grown over the years and the process is not too cumbersome.)

All this was to play with concept of geometry in nature.

As a post script:  Kudos to all.  The projects look very nice.  Great sense of color and balance by all.