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Robert, that is a good idea, and that might actually be one of our monthly Master Classes!

Monique, the shadow does give that 3D effect. You mention that an offset of 10 looks too large. Were you working on a full-size image or the resized image? Typically, 10 pixels is ok for the full-size but obviously, if you work in a different size project, you need to adjust those settings, which you did, based on what you saw. That is great.

Ben, that was a great first project. May I suggest that you layer the rope on top of the photo? That would be more realistic as the photo would likely not stick on top of a rope. Placing it where you have it, would be a great location to just emphasize the nautical theme.

Henry, as Fay mentioned, the system resizes smaller when it displays but clicking on the image shows it at the size you uploaded it. We recommend 600 pixels wide to save on the bandwidth and hosting. Your project is great and the shadows are all done correctly.

Susan, I am happy that you are diving in now.  We’ll be here to help you if you ever get stuck. Lovely photo that you will definitely want to showcase!

Cindy, winking back at’ya! Looking forward to your other projects.

Allen, did you add shadows to your project? I don’t see it, but the colors used might make it hard to see them, especially when you resize the page as instructed.