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cindy harris
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Hi I was in the hospital, but back now I haven’t got as far as the stamps cant wait on it again now.   I ate out at a drive thru and some how I got drugged.  9 out 10 for Fentenal the drug test said.  I was out of it for 6 hrs, Very Very Bad now have a reaction to something maybe the mri ct dye  but so set back but I hope to get bettter I don’t do drugs never have so I was Horrible I don’t know everything that happened they thought it was a stroke, ut my mri and ct said No then they went to a drug test and Iv and things later I am swollen, Oh fiy Anyone  I take metforin 1 tablet a day, and turned out I wasn’t supposed to get the dye when your on Metform the dye is toxic to your kidneys  so now having those kinda issues swelling and itching trying to not go back to er  Crazy all that Happend to me  drinking water heavy,  and it my swelling all this dont get better I have to go back to the ER they said I have to be admited so forcing water, hope I get better so I dont have to go in. 🙁   OH man when I got there to they ran my bad foot in the wall and hit my elbow on the metal on the bed.   I didnt feel any of that I was so drugged my whole body was numb didnt feel anything til it wore off.