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Bonnie Ballentine
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Yes, I am playing pickleball…in a very small group…all of whom are being extremely careful. Two of our players are at very high risk and cannot be around large groups. I keep forgetting that my age makes me high risk also…which means all our members but one is high risk. Sandy is one of our players who is very high risk. On June 30 she was not playing so when we saw her approaching the court, we thought she was coming to play. She didn’t have her paddle but she did have a cooler. She had gone to our favorite ice place and purchased ice cream for each of us. Nice surprise and wonderful treat!

The mauve page was created using a collage from Better Homes and Gardens. They do not seem to have the collages available now. I searched and searched so I could link them…they are not there. The second page is the latest template from Bourico Casper and is available on her blog: .