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Corrie Kinkel
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Hi there, I finally¬† made my “mark”. I had a lot of trouble doing this, Whatever I did it didn’t work, it only gave me something what looked like normally typed. So I started to change some settings, no result. I even was one evening behind my PC with the mouse in one hand and the printed tutorial of day 7 in de other! And I followed all the steps: NOTHING! But yesterday I found the solution: It is in the order with which you must do it. I discovered that I must first activate the flood fill tool and change the Blend mode and the Opacity before I set the other adjustments for the flood fill and the 2 Cutout layers!!!! And now it is working really simple. So¬†Carole I know I could have asked you, but I wanted to solve this myselve, but it has taken me a couple of days. Here is the result and I still love scrapbooking!!!!! Now I have to go and clean up all the mess I made on my computer.