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Mary Solaas
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Hi, everyone – and especially you, Carole.  I know I am really behind time.  I finally finished the 4th day – the leather tag! I’ve had to go over and over that tutorial and I am still not sure but what I would have to go over it again.  Anyway, I did have to do it for the barefoot tag this morning as I had saved it as a .jpg and not a .png.  Actually, even though it has taken me forever, I’ve really had fun.  Also I am really studying your Tips & Tricks book that was printed.  I deal best with a print book I can hold in my hand.  Well, I really had trouble with the Hershey kiss – had to do that one over and over again, but it finally turned out well.  One thing sure – I am going to stop for a while after I finish the stamp, the postcard and the “Wish You Were Here” final day.  I am going to have to work with the tablet; on the Hershey kiss, I outlined that  with the mouse on that picture of the Hershey statues outside of the park.  I really like picture tubes!  I really appreciate everyone’s take on this Challenge – some really good stuff here.  Thanks to you, Carole; you are one swell teacher!