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Brian, I didn’t mean you copied the slogan, but you happened to use the same one, probably from different sources, which is why I thought it was “interesting”.

Cristina, are you concentrating all the elements of the challenge into one double-page?

Lynda, you can also check out the various resources listed in the Outside Resources page. But some printer will have options for different layout yet, they might have an option for ONE large photo. If that is the case, simply put your layout as ONE photo (they won’t know if it is a single photo or a scrapbook page) and it would do the same.

Diane Co, that is a good start. And you are correct in using the template that way: they are only meant as a starting point, but they almost always end up being modified, somehow.

Ann, are you struggling with the multiple layers in the template? if so, you might want to have a look at the last class we had about templates. You can view it HERE.