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Well, I am totally annoyed. I had posted comments yesterday for everyone who had posted since my last comment, and it has disappeared! Grrr! I am sorry if it looked like I ignored you. I didn’t! So, let’s re-write everything and more!

Isabel, your engraving is good. I find the beige one is the best. The one with the heart seems to have the cutout in the opposite direction for the heart shape.

Barbara, when I get to my work computer, I will post a picture of what we did. It was a printed paper passport we did for a project. I know I got the design from Freepik.

Shirley, I think you might have forgotten the bevel inside the hole. Once it is added, you can thread a ball chain! I like the dark background for your stamps. It makes it different, but having collected stamps for many years, I know that white paper is no longer required. As for the postcard, think of every step of your trip as a little story to put on one. Then, add that story to your page, so we can follow along with more than just the photos. The map with the cutout is quite original. I think it looks “odd” simply because the map is a busy background. It would need more defined edges than in the tutorial to stand out from that busy map.

Lynda, I think it was a cool idea to replicate those signs and I find you did a pretty good job. Are you planning on printing a whole album? You can keep adding more and more pages if you have more photos and stories!

Krystyna, adding the shadow to the stamp gives a real sense of dimension. As for the datestamp on the stamp, typically it would have to be at least the size of the stamp itself and only show partially on the stamp while the rest would be on the envelope or postcard. For your font, I think you did a good job! It is sad that those previously simple AND free tools are no longer free 🙁 For the writing on the sand, I think it would give a better result on a solid surface. If you want to do it on the sand, you would have to play with the perspective as the writing would be flat on the ground, and not “standing” straight up. But the second one is really cool; I had to look twice to realize you had added it.

Cindy, you are having fun with those datestamps. Be careful not to distort them if you need to resize them. One detail to remember also, is that datestamps are made of ink, and ink has no thickness so they don’t need shadows at all.

Janice, I love the solid color silhouettes. Bold and happy statement for that page.

Art, maybe in that grey structure, the dark cutout would be enough and no need for the white cutout? Did you try that? Having the other samples on the same structure can help try to replicate the color.

Mary, double-pages are great to add more photos, larger photos or more stories. And they tend to look good in a printed album too.

Brian, your “issue” with the cutout MIGHT be due to one setting being checked in the Cutout window: the Fill interior with color should be UNchecked. See if that might be the problem? Isn’t it fun to notice that you are using the same quote as Lynda in your engraving project?

Euka, I think you did a fine job. You just need one extra step: perspective. The wall is not facing straight, so you need to tweak the writing to match it. Here is a tutorial that uses that perspective to match a wall:

Sawnie, glad to see your project. I guess you were not too far from me and a few of our members! Looking forward to the rest of your trip.

Nemesis, even if the emails are stopping, the challenge is NOT closing, so you can continue to post your projects as you make them. It is interesting that you are using masks on your projects. We have seen very few of those! good work.

Corrie, it is quite alright to write in your own language as this is for you. If you want to translate for us, it is fine, but it is not essential; we can still enjoy the pictures!

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