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Krystyna Nicholls
  • 23
  • Rookie

Hi all,

I am a little behind with my projects, but I must say there have been some fabulous work being produced here – so inspiring and creative.

For my Day 6 the postcard.  I have kept it to a minimum, but I did try out creating my own font.  Paintfont referred to in Cassel’s notes is no longer known by this name (so it says), and is called  So I gave it a go.  My handwriting looks like a bit “young” shall we say, but I get the gist of the programme – it’s all trial and error.  I shall probably give it another go, so the next time it looks all joined up.  It’s weird watching your own handwriting being pulled in as a font.

I also added the swirly lines you would see on a stamp after its been through the mail.  The lines are another area I need to practice more with.