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Lyn Lou
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Day 5 A day sailing in Ipswich on the harbour with a family we grew up with as kids.
We got a call out of the blue to join our friends on a day out. We all met up at our friends house and were invited on a boat trip as they had recently purchased a boat. It was a great sunny day, and I love boating. I did not expect to be asked to steer the boat out of the harbour from the mooring!! I have never done that before and was a bit worried about crashing their new boat!  My family, including my sisters, mum and my hubby were all on the boat with our friends…..and there was one unexpected twist! One of our close friends also brought a friend with him and that person used to go to school with my hubby!! He used to sit next to him in class and had not seen him since school!
We had a great day on the boat, my sisters and I took turns in steering the boat. One of my sisters was very nervous at taking the helm so had a bit of help!

I had a problem doing the Set of stamps when using the eraser tool it was not creating even holes in the stamps, I tried several times and it was just not working….so I asked Carole,. she requested a print screen with a black layer underneath……and as soon as I added the colour all the holes were ok!!! For some unknown reason the “grey” colour of the holes were miss-shapped and not correct….(added print screen below (image 3)) I was pulling my hair out trying all the settings to fix it but nothing worked!!

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