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Brian Smith
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Reply to Carole … Well Carole, I’m from Belleville Ontario and my trip was to BC back in the day (1978)…on a motorcycle (that I will include as a pic)…The next summer I went from Belleville to Newfoundland …In all honesty, it was more scenic and I had more fun but I was away from my GF at the time..:-( …I did all 10 provinces over the two summers.

Re: the Reverse Path for text,…I was 3 days working on another project in another class, and I was getting so frustrated and I was afraid of falling behind, so I submitted something “close”…I do like your idea of having the the 2 vector layers, but I still got in trouble when I went to merge. ( I noticed the tutorial was from 2012….maybe things have changed a bit…(?) …Thanks for you interest …All for now.