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I, too, am at a disadvantage of not being where my pictures are … but I did find one BIG picture of mine — one of the cruise liners that passes by the field in front of my house in the summer and fall. I used that. The lighthouse one is mine, too … all of the other pictures of the actual cruise boat I got online. I find this liner fascinating when it comes as it has a big crane boom structure that slides in and out and apparently for a few extra dollars you can go up and take pictures as it swings around all sides of the ship. It’s really high in the air, too! We can see this boom LONG BEFORE you can see the ship as it makes its way out of the harbor. I don’t long to do a cruise, ever, but they sure are pretty going in and out. I can see why some love that kind of vacationing. I used to run out with the camera every time various liners went by, but they are so plentiful now I would spend most of my day on the front lawn. LOL Still, every now and again I catch a new one.