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Lyn Lou
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Great job everyone, and Gerry love your stamps, sorry for you loss <hugs>

Thank you Carole,  I have a large selection of photos from trips I have been to over the years, and prior to taking photos, I used to collect postcards from all the places I visited, from age 13, as I did not have a camera back then. They also bring back memories of places I visited. I am a day or two behind on the challenges.

This one took a little time to do, selecting all the best photos to fit. I tried the leather tag, and for some reason the cutout was not working for me, I will try it again another time.

Day 4;
We visited Leeds Castle UK, which is not in Leeds, it’s in Kent!
We went in 2018 with my mum (she was 86 and there is a lot of walking to get to the castle, so we used the train), and then in 2019 with my daughter and her boyfriend. On the 2nd occasion we found the Bird Sanctuary,  Flower Gardens, and a large lake, (there is also a Maze and children’s playground, but no spaceships!).
In 2018 we explored all the richly decorated rooms, in the castle and had a meal in a mobile cafe on site. In 2019, we explored the grounds as well as inside of the castle. We found a restaurant in the grounds with a great view over the Castle and the moat as seen in the Panoramic photo on the right page.  They also had a little gift shop on the way out, with some beautify trinkets, ornaments, books etc. We had bought tickets which would allow us a free visit again this year, but with the Lockdown I don’t know if we will be able to go again this year.