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Alicia Garbelman
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I really have been working at the lessons everyday, but I just haven’t put everything together into layouts. So tonight I decided to make a layout using most of the techniques I have learned on a single layout. I created the silhouette map, then decided that I needed the names of the cities to show through, so I lowered the opacity of the paint layer. I added 4 other layers, detailing our modes of travel, and I used that whole map as a single element. The date stamp was created using Cassel’s DateStamp8 script, and the postage stamp was created from a photo I took of a tourist information map in the city. The only thing I don’t have on this layout is the leather tag – I’m still fussing to create one I like. I used some picture tubes to mark the city on the map and connect it to the title of the page. The papers are from a kit by Nellie Bell called “Birds of a feather.”