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Please, no need for any participant to apologize for what they post. Everyone works at their own pace. Everyone has a different story. Everyone shares differently. And everybody’s work is worth sharing.

Euka, if you ever want to print those double-pages, you will want to move that date stamp from the middle, but if you want to print that as a 24×12 image, keeping it in the center is fine.

Lyn Lou, it feels like we are traveling with you! Looking forward to all the other photos and stories. Mum iin the spaceship made me laugh!! Cute one.

Krystyna, those flags are a fun and simple addition to the layout. It is interesting to see that re-submission. And this is certainly expected; you will change your mind through the challenge. The issue with the border is that you probably were trying to go with Image > Add border. That will automatically merge everything and the border be added to a single layer. Of course, that is NOT what you wanted. In that case, select the photo, and go to Selections > Modify > Select selection border. It is so interesting to see that the same page evolve through the reposts! Keep them coming. On your Day 4, did you do that background paper with all the text? It is a really fun one!

Mary Solaas, wow! you have visited all the continental states!? And don’t worry about changing ideas. It will happen!

Lynda, nice complementary double-pages!

Brian, it is ok to only post the elements. You will use them together later. What issue were you having with the reverse path? That shadowed silhouette of BC on the larger map gives a very interesting look. Are you originally from BC? or you just started your trip there? The leather tag, although we would typically expect a hole, it can also be sewn on something so you could add stitching along the edge, or it can be glued in which case, no hole, and no stitching.

Art, that is a long cycle ride!!! So you came “close” to where I live (in NB 🙂 ). The arrangement of your photos is great and really showcase that trip. On the Day 3 page, it is ok to be “busy”. In fact, I find that it is very well suited to the look of memorabilia. I actually find it very eye-pleasing, even if busy.

Minka, you made your own icon for home. That is good! I love that frame around the Portland Headlight photo.  And yes, if you could show us those stamps, I would love to see them better.

Corrie, so many fun elements in that page. I keep looking at it and seem to find something new every time.

Lynda, nice tags. Be careful not to punch a hole too close to the edge: in transit, those will rip and you would lose those beautiful tags!

Gerry, I love how you used the multiple photo areas for a single photo! That is a great example of how a template can be used in such a different way. I see you tell us that story of where you went and what you did. I hope you will include that same text of those memories in the pages, somewhere. Glad you are having fun with the scripts. They are meant to be tools for you to them customize the result! And yes, the use of shadows is often a good way to add depth. In some other situations, it could be with a bevel, but shadows would be my first option. Those stamps look absolutely great!

Mary Stander, happy to visit France with you. One suggestion if I may: on your title, since you are using a gradient on the text, reduce the shadow to help with legibility. Some elements affect a bit the legibility and when they are combined, makes it a bit harder. It is nothing major, just a suggestion.

Nemisis, welcome! If you ever have any issue, don’t hesitate to contact me with the little yellow tab (that seems to have disappeared) or through the Contact link at the bottom of every page. And now that you know how to post in the forum, you can also post any issue you have. For your first day of work, I see we will be visiting Holland! Great photos. In order to add some 3D effect, you can now add a drop shadow on each of them. Choose an offset of about 5-10 both vertically and horizontally, an Opacity of about 60-80 and a Blur of about 10. Make sure you add the shadow as a new layer so you can easily change your mind later.

Shirley, I am not too crazy about that spider, but the rest of your page is quite inviting!

Cristina, it is interesting to see that incomplete page. It might just inspire others to go ahead and post, even before they are finished!

Janice, I think it would be fun if you were to add the name of the countries, AND have little paths from one to the other to visualize the various steps you just listed in the text. I love the background paper. Where did you get it? Or did you make it?

Isabel, if you want to respond to someone, simply post a comment, like you post yours, add the name of the person in bold like Minka mentioned.

Cindy, I love your sharks (well, I love the tubes of the sharks). Did you review the last class on using templates? It should help you put the photos, if you want. And yes, there is often more than way to do something in PSP!