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Mary Solaas
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I have to say I love what all of you are doing with this challenge.  I guess I don’t have to stay exactly with the plan.  I have sweated over day 1 for several days and am not happy with what I came up with, but here goes.  The trip I decided on was one my daughter and I took so that I could visit my last of the 48 contiguous states – Delaware.  However, we didn’t go straight to Delaware; we meandered to Lexington, KY, Ark Encounter, KY, Columbus Ohio, Lake Erie PA, Niagra Falls, NY, Hershey, PA, and finally to Kodak, DE as a base and south to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean.  We then meandered back up into PA, MD, W VA, and finally on I-81 into VA, TN and back home to Memphis, TN.  It was one great trip.  I added a car from my group of clip art images.  played with color changing again. took papers and the ribbon from several kits.  Did use the Google map for the basic background.