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Euka, weren’t you lucky that this trip took place before these difficult times? On your page, if you added some shadows to the papers, it would give them more definitions. You can add shadows on their own layers so if you don’t like them, you can always change your mind.

Shirley, that “angled” frame looks great on that page!!! I see that netting you were asking about. Is that one you made or one you downloaded? It certainly fit well on your page.

Krystyna, we’ll be waiting for your layouts! 🙂

Brian, good start with the BC outline. And remember that it is expected for just about everyone to change their mind along the way. Did you stop in Belleville? You didn’t continue to the Maritimes?

Minka, that white text on the pink strip seems hard to read when resized. Is it legible at full size? If so, don’t change anything. We know that resized layouts are slightly distorted, but the important thing is whether it is legible for you and who you will share it with. That Sea World page is so colorful! It really transpires that fun time you had.

Isabel, did you happen to distort those maps? Remember never to try to squeeze an image in a space. You would be better off cropping some extras if it is too large OR rearrange the layers. You can move them, overlap them, or even make a second page. That would keep those maps more proportional to the actual trip you took. I love the wood slat background on the second project you posted! on your Day 3 project, I have just a suggestion: *IF* you ever plan on printing those pages into an album, try to leave a little bit more space in the very center for the binding. Of course, if you don’t plan on printing, you can ignore that suggestion.

Lois, I didn’t know you were from NB!!! Can you imagine that maybe we could have met unknowingly?

Peggy, even if you don’t have actual photos of the trip, you do have the stories. Pictures can always be “borrowed” somewhere else, but the stories will still be yours! By the way, did you get the emails in the end? You know, for the trip, you can use two pages since it is such a long route 🙂

Gerry, remember that you tell YOUR stories. And borrowed photos are totally ok! It is sad that those photos were lost, but the memories aren’t, right? And if you are using Pic-to-Painting as a common thread throughout your project, it would be very nice. And talking about double pages, you are right both ways: you can showcase photos in larger format, but you can also showcase more if you have a lot. But remember that while using templates, you can always change the elements or photo areas provided. If you don’t have enough photos (or if you don’t want to post that many) you can remove them or replace some by some paper pieces. You are the creator and the templates are just starting points.

Corrie, as mentioned in the emails, it is ok to post something even if you are not 100% satisfied. It will still be a starting point and you can change later. As new tutorials will be added, you might want to revisit previous pages anyways, so let’s keep them as open books, ready to edit further.

Cindy, there is no deadline, so if you start later, don’t hesitate to still post here.

Art, remember that we all have different styles. Some will like to have lots of embellishments, others prefer simpler projects, so it is ok. Have you added shadows to your photos and elements on your page? If so, you might consider adding some more prominent ones to give more 3D effect.

Barbara, of course, you CAN document a dream trip. Who knows? Maybe later, you can actually make it come true and then, you can add real photos and details to the initial project! I smiled when looking at your passport: we created one that is quite similar for a project at work: same color, same design!

Lynda, that looks like a long trip! Beware of not squishing the map. It does look distorted on your page. You can consider adding more shadows. Make sure you add them on separate layers in case you change your mind. It would make your papers and photos stand out more on the Day 3 pages. .