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A friend and I went to Sea World in Orlando, Florida, at Christmas 2019. It was a lovely experience … they had bells ringing, carols playing, decorations galore and festive treats!  There was a spectacular Laser Light show as it got dark featuring a whole lot of Christmas trees on the water all timed to music and sights.  Just as it got dark enough, they had snow jets blowing snow all over the place.  I kind of laughed as I came 1500 miles to get away from snow!  It was fun though.   It was a wonderful day!  We went just prior to covid-19 hitting the states.  Don’t think I would be too comfortable in those kinds of crowds now, so happy we went when we did!  It was a colorful and joyous day spent with a friend who would probably not be physically capable of doing it now.  Good timing! i tried to put the colorful day in my piece … and also used Cassel’s date stamp script! I am just getting to play with some of her scripts and they are soooooo much fun!