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I’ve had to sit around and wait for some business affairs to come in … so I worked on day 2. I took a hint from Lyn’s nice pretty vivid colors and broke out of my usual box of neutrals. LOL Not too long ago I went on just a short day hop to a place where you get on an overly large air/pontoon type boat and they take you out to the mangrove islands in the Peace River where all the Woodstorks hang out. Once the young is hatched, the females take to the air and it’s the males job to raise and protect him. You can see them EVERYWHERE in the tall bush islands and when it gets hot they spread their wings out and stand there for hours on end in the hot sun protecting/shading the little one. It was cool to see. Off in the distance you could see the females flying and feasting making up for a lot of lost time, I guess.