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trish williams
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Thought I would never get this one finished.  So many nice ones everyone has made on a variety of sujects, I dont know how you manged to get so many photos on a page, I couldnt squish mine down anymore and still see the photo.  Well done everyone xx

These are some photos from Kenedy Space centre, Merick or Meritt Island on the east coast of Florida, I have been there a few times and been lucky enough to see the the shuttle take off 4 times.  These were taken in 2007 but I cant remember which shuttle these were photos of.  The VAB building, (Vehicle Assemble Building)  has a picture on the front of it, the american flag,  which is larger than a football pitch and the grey panels to the side , each one in a series of shutter doors, that lift one be one from bottom to top, so as the shuttle mover can slowly make it trip to take the shuttle to and from the VAB to the launch pad. The mover has 4  tracks with a series of cleats, , each cleat weighs one ton. The launch pad has  water towers surrounding it, the water is droped at take off, cause all that steam to cool the area down.  This is done because the centre is also a nature reserve and this is to protect the other inhabitants of the Island, the protected Bald Eagle and the Armadilla  to name a couple that freely roam and can be easily seen on the bus journey from the space port to the launch pad.  x