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Mary Solaas
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I finally started Project 1.  I made 1 set and was not completely happy with it (I used 3 pictures instead of 2).  I made a second set and was a little bit happier with it.  What did I really learn this time.  (I used CrlY some times which I learned about in the Scrapbooking Class earlier).  I learned about cropping a picture by using the selection tool, but I did it after it was in my project and that did not work too well.  In the first set (Niagra Falls), I did not have room to use the text elements and so I used a Text tool and chose a text that looks kind of like the one in the kit.  I used the Color Correction tool a lot.  For some reason I am kinda hooked on that tool. I find that it sometimes works much better than the fill tool. I am learning more about the shadows and am glad of the Cheat Sheets you provide.  I learned about intensifying a color by using Brightness and Contrast>Levels under “Adjust”.  I don’t think I used shadows on the Niagra Falls set, but I don’t think they would have shown up against that dark blue background.