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Thanks, Michele. Maine is pretty … if you know where to look. LOL I had some friends come up to visit last summer and they wanted very specific things to do … hiking, coastal, rving … and a lot of atv’ing in the woods. They were in one of those big fancy bus things about two blocks long pulling a trailer with all the atv’s, bikes and motorcycles on it. They said they LOVED the state but not the roads and not the distances between things. You just can’t please everyone. Can you see driving one of those big buses on dirt road in the woods? Get real. I just laughed, but they were serious??? Down here in my Florida neighborhood, we’re not supposed to feed any wildlife as it calls other more seriously dangerous wildlife to eat what you are feeding. So I love to get home where there are no alligators, no poisonous snakes and I can attract my birdies.