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Marica, no, there is no way to resize one element and have all of the other ones follow suit. It could be a great suggestion to send to Corel. I tested to see if several layers being selected, one could resize only those selected layers but it does not seem to work; it only resizes one of the selected layers. Too bad.

For the white frame, it is a problem with the Fill tool. One thing I didn’t think of explaining in the video is to set the Match mode to None. If it is set once, it should stay there, and the tool will work as you expect.

As for printing, you can use a photo paper although unless you have an extra-wide printer, you would have to size the pages down to 8×8 (instead of 12×12). There are also some online print shops that can print full-size too. You can find some links in the Resources > Outside resources section of the Campus. Just make sure you keep a full-size .pspimage version of your page, just in case, then save as .jpg with the highest quality (lowest compression). That is the format you would want to send to a print shop. If you do it from home, I guess you can always use the File > Print Layout and print directly from PSP.